Our Top Secret to (Actually) Getting Your HIPAA Work Done

Are you ready for this?  Spoiler alert: if you have been to one of my live workshops, you may already be in on this little secret…

Open your scheduling tool of choice, whether it be a paper planner, your Google or Outlook Calendar, or any other scheduling app. Look ahead in the next 2-3 weeks and find 2 currently unscheduled hours.  Schedule them. With Yourself. Write in your schedule the name of a project you have been procrastinating, and then when the time comes… actually keep the date and work on that project for those 2 hours.

We never claimed that our best kept secret was exactly magic… but it is effective!

Penciling yourself into your own schedule may feel a little silly, but it really helps.  One the one hand, knowing that you have two hours strictly set aside in the future for a project can free up your brain space now to focus on the important things in the present moment.  And, of course, once the allotted time comes up, you’ve cleared your schedule to make sure you can focus on that project, then.

What project will you set aside two hours for?  Of course, we here at HIPAA for Therapists hope that you’ll work on your HIPAA compliance–maybe your risk assessment needs a check-in?  Think about trying this method of scheduling time to work on your business once a month, or even just once a quarter.  And, if you find that this method works for you, pay it forward and feel free to share the idea with others– it’ll be our little secret.  :^)

PS.  While I’m sharing secrets, I’ll offer one more that has absolutely nothing to do with HIPAA, although it’s similar to the calendar trick.  If you want to exercise after work, but find yourself flaking out once you get home, try this:  as soon as you come home, even if it’s hours before you planned to exercise, put on your exercise clothes.  My friend Sally calls this “Pants of Intention.”  If I come home and put on my pajamas, there’s about a .0001% chance that I’m going to change out of those and in to exercise clothing later.  But once I’m in the proper clothes?  Well, since I’m already dressed, I guess I’d might as well…..