Texas CEU Provider Status Update

Well, this is an interesting development.  As Texas has moved all of the mental health-related boards to be held under the umbrella organization of the Behavioral Health Executive Council, one of the changes is in how CEU providers are regulated.  The change?  They aren’t regulating them anymore.

Effective 9/1/20, the rules related to CEU providers are repealed.  The state won’t be certifying CEU providers for Social Workers, LPCs, or LMFTs anymore.

Instead, as I understand it, each license holder is now responsible for individually determining whether the CEU workshop is appropriate for your required continuing education.  The Texas Administrative Code does offer some guidelines for this–I will link to them for your convenience.

Social Work  (and also here)

Please do read your board’s rules, but the TL;DR summary is that they all require that CEU providers take attendance, be qualified and teach on appropriate/relevant content, use an evaluation instrument, and keep records for a few years.

If you, like me, have a current TX CEU provider license (say, from the TSBSWE) it is good until it expires, but at that time you can’t renew.

Thanks to Will Francis, ED of the TX-NASW, for his research and information sharing on this topic.  Are you a member of your professional organization?  They work to make the work lives of private practitioners better.  Private practitioners really should join their org.