Practice Fusion penalized

Some time back, I remember speaking critically of the free EHR called Practice Fusion.  If I recall correctly, my concern was that (a) that’s an awfully labor-intensive service to provide for no charge, so I was suspicious, and (b) whether they were going to treat client information in appropriate ways.  There’s been a second round of news lately that shows why sometimes the best option is to just pay for the services you need.  (and also be a cautious shopper.)  Practice Fusion has admitted to using client data to basically push opioid prescriptions to doctors.  Read more here:

Practice Fusion allegedly weaponized EHRs in kickback scheme

Also, note, this isn’t the only instance of stuff like this happening where client info and big data and commerce intersect in ways that aren’t client-centered (or, I wonder, HIPAA compliant?)  Choose your EHR providers, very, very carefully.  (Read this Jezebel article if you want to know more.)