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Workshops & Online HIPAA Training for Therapists

for Solo Practitioners

Welcome private practice therapists!

Below are the fifteen video lessons and 1 audio follow-up lesson comprising the HIPAA for Therapists online training for therapists in private practice. The videos add up to roughly 2.0 hours worth of content, and cover the terms, requirements, documentation, ethical considerations and solution information that a solo private practice therapist needs to complete their own initial HIPAA compliance work. You can watch each video as many times as you’d like, and after each lesson you will receive a short emailed quiz to ensure you’ve absorbed the material, to help you identify which required “to-do” items you already have, and which ones you need. The basic membership gives you a full month to complete the course, and there are also 6 month and 12 month membership options–both of which come with additional features and resources.

Please note: memberships are for 1 person’s use only–if you have a group that needs HIPAA training, please contact us to discuss options!

The HIPAA for Therapists videos are provided by a CEU provider (Katie Malinski, LCSW) accredited by the Texas State Board of Social Work Examiners and the Texas State Board of Examiners of Professional Counselors. Therapists for whom this is an approved CEU provider can email after completion to receive their certificates for 2.0 hours CEUs in Ethics. For everybody else, stay tuned: national certification is coming.

Free Sample Video

Additional Membership Perks

In addition to the videos, the HIPAA for Therapists 33 page handout booklet is available for digital download, free to members. This is an enormous bonus value! This booklet includes:

  • complete slide deck from the presentation for following along with the videos–great for diverse learning styles!
  • a sample risk assessment, detailed and specifically designed for the solo private practice therapist
  • sample compliance documentation, including: Security & Privacy Officer Designations Form, Complaints Log, and Email/Texting Consent Form
  • these exclusive checklists: “The HIPAA Requirements Checklist,” “HIPAA Compliance File Required Contents“, and the “HIPAA Compliance Log
In addition to the 16 core lessons, the resources section of this website–which is exclusively for members–offers additional help: more videos, many articles about HIPAA issues at interest to therapists, and the free monthly HIPAA conference call Q & A opportunities.

Members also receive discounts when purchasing the HIPAA Compliance Forms Packets, the Digital Ethics Trainings, and all of the other solutions available for sale in the store.

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Core HIPAA Training Videos

Chapter 1 (5:33)

Welcome & Overview

Chapter 2 (2:52)

Defining Basic Terms: A shared vocabulary will go a long way towards helping this all make sense. Alphabet soup nonsense begone!

Chapter 3 (17:08)

HIPAA Requirements: Step by step explanation of the top HIPAA standards that are required of or recommended for solo private practice therapists.

Chapter 4 (4:00)

Psychotherapy versus Progress Notes: helping you understand the difference and how to get extra protection for psychotherapy notes if desired.

Chapter 5 (6:37)

Risk Assessment, Part 1: Intro.  Simple explanation of what a Risk Assessment is, and what a private practice therapist needs to do to complete their own.

Chapter 6 (11:43)

Risk Assessment, Part 2: Specific Examples: Cell phone, Email, Texting.  We dive in to the details about typical areas where therapists have PHI risks.

Chapter 7 (14:47)

Risk Assessment, Part 3: More Specific Examples.  Even more specific examples of areas where a private practice therapist might keep PHI, potential problems and what to do.

Chapter 8 (5:07)

Policies & Procedures:  A P & P manual is required–but what does that mean?  What must be included?

Chapter 9 (2:19)

Other HIPAA Stuff & Things Therapists Probably Don’t Need to Be Told, but…  You probably don’t need to be told not to sell your clients’ PHI… but just in case, we’ll cover this info anyway.

Chapter 10 (1:29)

HIPAA vs Your Code of Ethics.  HIPAA and our Ethical Codes don’t always perfectly line up.  Where does that happen, and what should you do?

Chapter 11 (4:52)

The HIPAA Compliance File: This video explains the Compliance Fle, and outlines the documents that must be kept in it.  (Also see page 28 of the handout.)

Chapter 12 (1:32)

The HIPAA Compliance Log:  This video explains the Compliance Log–what is that and what do you have to do with it?

Chapter 13 (4:49)

Possible Solutions: Your practice is unique, as are the problems and solutions you’ll find–but this video details a few solutions that therapists typically find helpful.

Chapter 14 (2:08)

When You Have Questions: This video presents a brief guide to how to make HIPAA-related decisions when the path isn’t clear.

Chapter 15 (6:25)

The Rest of the Packet, Resources, & Closing.  That 33 page handout has some important things in the back–this video details them,  describes some resources, and gives a little pep talk, too.

Last Chapter: Podcast Followup

Chapter 16 (32:28)

This audio podcast is a recording of a conference call that covers the most popular questions asked by therapists who have taken the workshop.


Extra Resource Training Videos

Question: Texas Specific Requirements:  This video details ways that Texas laws are more strict than HIPAA.

Question: Do you recommend Cloud-Based Practice Management systems? (2:17)

Question: How do the “HIPAA Police” end up at the door of a solo private practice therapist? (1:05)


Question: What about Skype and other video conferencing services? (0:55)

Question: Google Apps for Business (1:23)

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Ready to start the HIPAA course? Excited about the oodles of perks that come with your membership?

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