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Group discount registrations for Employee training


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This page is exclusively for group purchases of the HIPAA & Confidentiality 101 Training for Employees.  Use the drop-down box above to select the number of memberships you need (ie, how many people need training?)  Pay for that number of memberships, and we will then send you a code that is unique to your practice.  This code will allow the designated number of people to create their own memberships, watch the training videos, and receive personalized proof of completion of HIPAA training (as required by law.)

Please note three important details:

  1.  It will take us at least 1 business day to process your order, as we have to create your membership codes manually.  We will send you an email with fulfillment details at the address you gave at checkout.
  2. Once you purchase your group discounted memberships, each of your employees has 30 days to activate their individual membership.  If your employee does not activate their membership within 30 days the code will be expired and they will need to repurchase.
  3. Once activated, each employee has an additional 15 days to watch all 5 videos and take the completion quiz.



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