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****SOLD OUT****Ducks in a Row: HIPAA & TMPA for Therapists CEU Workshop

In-person 3 hour CEU training in Austin, Texas

June 21, 2019

1:00-4:00 pm

BookPeople, 603 N Lamar Blvd, Austin TX 78703
$100/person online early registration ($110 after 5/31)  (SORRY THIS IS SOLD OUT)

Did you know that Federal law and Texas law both require that therapists have HIPAA training?  It’s true!  We Texas therapists are 99% all considered Covered Entities, whether or not you bill insurance, so you really must get informed about what HIPAA truly means for you and your practice.
Then come the requirements: a risk assessment, policy & procedures, forms, documentation, and more.  HIPAA compliance is much, much more than getting ‘that’ form signed and putting something in your email signature.
This 3 hour workshop is a clear, plain-spoken, strengths-based training on the Big Picture of what HIPAA means for solo private practice therapists.  You’ll leave with a thorough understanding of what solo private practice therapists need to have & do to get HIPAA compliant, plus you’ll get your 3 Ethics CEUs for the year, too.
On top of all that, I will bring chocolate, and I promise: the training is much less painful than you fear it will be.  :^)

We will discuss:

  • What the solo private practice therapist must do to be HIPAA compliant
  • The ethics of privacy and security
  • How TMPA/Texas HB 300 (the Texas Medical Privacy Act) affects Texas therapists
  • HIPAA versus your professional Code of Ethics
  • Typical problems the private practice therapist might encounter (like: email, texting, and compliance documentation)
  • Updated information for 2019
  • Solutions: products, practices, forms! checklists! and more resources that can help.
  • This course provides 3 hours CEU, including 3 hours ethics, via the TX Social Work board and the TX Professional Counselors Board.  (I know that the LPC board has stopped officiating CEU providers, but my CEU license from them doesn’t expire until October, so I think I’m still official.)
  • This course meets the Federal and Texas state standards for HIPAA training.
  • Everyone who registers before the earlybird deadline of May 31st will receive a 33 page spiral bound HIPAA compliance guide as part of their registration.

This 3 hour workshop is based on my own research, as a solo private practice therapist, on what I need to do, know, and have to comply with the Federal and Texas state regulations. I will share what I’ve learned, and offer plain-spoken, practical guidance on how I’m doing it.  I am not a lawyer and this workshop is not legal advice.

Previous attendees share their feedback:

 ”Katie did a wonderful job of breaking this very overwhelming & scary entity into bite-sized & manageable pieces. I no longer have to live in fear or denial about HIPAA.”  Renee G, LCSW

“Katie did an excellent job. It was entertaining and informative. Since I had to drag myself there kicking and screaming it was wonderful that it turned out to be a good afternoon and not the torture I envisioned.”  Paula H, LPC

“Katie is an amazing trainer who clearly communicates her in-depth knowledge with a sense of humor and a positive attitude. She actually helped me to feel energized and optimistic about incorporating these new requirements in a way that will strengthen and modernize my practice.” Gianna V, LCSW

“Katie’s ability to take a huge amount of information that is essentially a foreign language and turn it into practical, plain advice for the clinician in private practice is nothing short of a miracle!  The checklists and examples are worth their weight in gold, not to mention networking and brainstorming with other therapists in the same situation, looking for solutions.  Thank you Katie!”   Robyn G, LCSW

“I loved Katie’s practical approach to this tedious subject.  She presents HIPAA information in an easy to understand format and I found this workshop to be very valuable!”  Betsy F, LCSW

Prior to the workshop, I felt nervous and overwhelmed by HIPAA rules and regs. Afterwards, I felt empowered and ready to start the compliance process. Katie does a great job of making daunting details less intimidating. You will be glad you attended.  Cathy H, LPC

“Katie did an excellent job in the training session for HIPAA preparation. She really understands what is expected and patiently explains it in an easy to understand way.  She is technologically savvy …but not intimidating. I highly recommend her training!”  Traci C, LCSW

“Taking the HIPAA for Therapists workshop helped me feel like I can maneuver through the new HIPAA regulations with ease. I’m relieved that I was proactive in taking this training and now feel fully prepared.” Lauren G, LCSW

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