HIPAA Attorneys

photo credit: umjanedoan via photopin cc

photo credit: umjanedoan via photopin cc

When therapists have a more complicated business structure than solo practitioners, for example, a group practice, or interns or employees that access PHI, I recommend that they work with an attorney to bring their HIPAA compliance work to the highest standard. I also very strongly recommend that therapists call an attorney specializing in HIPAA if they discover that they have had a breach or a complaint. I’ve had the pleasure of getting to know a number of attorneys as part of my HIPAA compliance education. I’d love to share the names of a few of them with you, in case you are in need of their professional guidance.

Erin Gilmer is an attorney specializing in HIPAA & patient advocacy in Austin, Texas.  She’s been a ‘friend of the ducks’ (as in “Ducks in a Row”) from the very beginning, and is the author of our ‘gold standard’ set of HIPAA forms.  She’s a great resource for HIPAA consultations, help with breaches and investigations, and more.  Visit her website at www.GilmerHealthLaw.com

Jud Deloss is a managing attorney with Popovits & Robinson in Illinois. Jud is the author of the 7 legal forms in the streamlined packet (everything except the manual), and is also a great resource for therapists about HIPAA. His firm also worked with the NASW to create their HIPAA paperwork. You can contact him at this website.

Luke Marrs is an attorney with the law firm of Rash Chapman in Austin, Texas. He’s available for local referrals who are seeking assistance with HIPAA and other general practice management legal challenges. Find him here.