CEU Credit for LPCs

Texas LPCs, in case you haven’t heard: the Texas State Board of Examiners of Professional Counselors stopped issuing or renewing CEU provider licenses effective February 2019.  In lieu of the oversight they previously offered, the LPC Board website now directs licensees to make sure for themselves that CEUs meet the qualifications spelled out the Texas Administrative Code Rule 681.142.  Here are those requirements:

To be acceptable for the purposes of license renewal or satisfaction of disciplinary stipulations, the education must be received from a continuing education provider that:

  (1) ensures the education provided is related to the practice of professional counseling;

  (2) ensures the individual(s) presenting the information have the necessary experience and knowledge in the topic(s) presented;

  (3) verifies attendance of participants and provides participants with a letter or certificate of attendance displaying the licensee’s name, topic covered, date course was taken, and hours of credit earned; and

  (4) provides participants a mechanism for evaluation of each continuing education activity.

The good news is, most providers within the field are probably doing these things.  (They have been required all along.)  My take on it (not a lawyer over here!) is that you can mostly choose for yourself, and they trust your judgement that you’ll pick a properly relevant and professional provider.  And, there are a couple of administrative details that might signify that a provider is properly professional: (attendance, evaluation, proof.)

So, that’s the information you need to make your own determination about CEU providers from this point forward.  And yes, we here at HIPAA for Therapists do verify attendance (via unique memberships for each person), provide a certificate of attendance with the required information, and provide evaluation for the class.

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