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Workshops & Online HIPAA Training for Therapists

Are you a solo private practice therapist? Is your practice HIPAA-compliant?

Do you feel confident that your paperwork, training, security practices, and record-keeping meet the NEW requirements?

There’s some learning, thinking, and acting, plus a lot of paperwork between where most therapists are now and the goal of full, ethical HIPAA compliance. HIPAA for Therapists is here to help the private practice therapist be informed, get compliant, and feel confident in this process.

HIPAA for Therapists offers a one-month training membership plus all the tools you need to become HIPAA compliant. We also offer 6 month membership for those who want or need a little more time to get their work done, along with extended support, security update information, compliance update information, and more.

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  • Katie’s Ducks in a Row HIPAA Training is fantastic. When I took it over a year ago her handbook and forms really took my private practice to the next level! She is an engaging and informative presenter and most of her training events are full of private practitioners and agency administrators who have lots of questions and stories that we can discuss and find solutions for. I strongly recommend her training and think you all will be very satisfied with it.

    Jack N, LCSW
  • “Much needed resource – Thank you!”

    HIPAA Training Graduate
  • “This was awesome! Thank you for taking all the time you have to put this together, understand the laws, and share this information.”

    HIPAA Training Graduate
  • “Very informative!”

    HIPAA Training Graduate
  • “Excellent, complete, and fast-moving.”

    HIPAA Training Graduate
  • “Great humor with a dull topic.”

    HIPAA Workshop Attendee
  • “Extremely helpful! You made this interesting and enjoyable.”

    HIPAA Training Graduate
  • “Great presentation skills – you are a gift!”

    HIPAA Workshop Attendee
  • “Most informative course I’ve attended in last 6 years.”

    HIPAA Workshop Attendee
  • “Great enthusiasm from presenter!”

    HIPAA Workshop Attendee
  • “Ethics is typically boring – you held my attention and I learned a great deal!”

    HIPAA Training Graduate
  • “Superb! No complaints. Organized. Energetic. Informative.”

    HIPAA Workshop Attendee
  • “Thank you for the positivity, guidance and all the resources! :)”

    HIPAA Training Graduate
  • “Nice job making this stress-provoking topic more understandable and funny.”

    HIPAA Training Graduate
  • “Awesome workshop! A bargain at twice the price!”

    HIPAA Workshop Attendee
  • “Good pace, good handouts, nice informed but relaxed style. Clear and effective!”

    HIPAA Workshop Attendee
  • “Thanks for offering this at such an affordable rate…and for CEUs!”

    HIPAA Workshop Attendee
  • “Awesome – love the content, personality, and energy of presenter.”

    HIPAA Workshop Attendee
  • “Katie did an excellent job. It was entertaining and informative. Since I had to drag myself there kicking and screaming it was wonderful that it turned out to be a good afternoon and not the torture I envisioned.”

    Paula H, LPC
  • “I loved Katie’s practical approach to this tedious subject. She presents HIPPA information in an easy to understand format and I found this workshop to be very valuable!”

    Betsy F, LCSW
  • “Prior to the workshop, I felt nervous and overwhelmed by HIPAA rules and regs. Afterwards, I felt empowered and ready to start the compliance process. Katie does a great job of making daunting details less intimidating. You will be glad you attended.”

    Cathy H, LPC
  • “Katie did an excellent job in the training session for HIPAA preparation. She really understands what is expected and patiently explains it in an easy to understand way. She is technologically savvy …but not intimidating. I highly recommend her training!”

    Traci C, LCSW
  • “Taking the Duck in a Row workshop helped me feel like I can maneuver through the new HIPAA regulations with ease. I’m relieved that I was proactive in taking this training and now feel fully prepared.”

    Lauren G, LCSW
  • “Katie’s ability to take a huge amount of information that is essentially a foreign language and turn it into practical, plain advice for the clinician in private practice is nothing short of a miracle!  The checklists and examples are worth their weight in gold.  Thank you Katie!”

    Robyn G, LCSW
  • “Katie is an amazing trainer who clearly communicates her in-depth knowledge with a sense of humor and a positive attitude. She actually helped me to feel energized and optimistic about incorporating these new requirements in a way that will strengthen and modernize my practice.”

    Gianna V, LCSW
  • “Katie did a wonderful job of breaking this very overwhelming & scary entity into bite-sized & manageable pieces. I no longer have to live in fear or denial about HIPAA.”

    Renee G, LCSW

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